deno fast web framework
# Fastro

![][build] [![][doc]](

Fastro is a [fast](#benchmarks) and [simple](#features) web application
framework built on top of [deno](

Accelerate development of
[monolithic]( web
applications written in Typescript.

Choose a customized template according to your needs.

## Getting Started

To install command line interface and create a initial project, please go to
[the manual](


## Benchmarks

The speed is up to 92% of deno http raw library.

To see detailed methods and results, please refer to
[benchmarks pages](

## Features

Managing routers, controllers, middleware, react ssr, and static files made

To see all features and examples, please check out
[features and examples](

## Demo

By default, you can deploy fastro web apps on
[Google Cloud Run](

To see a demo, please check out [the deployed web app](

## Contributing

We appreciate your help!

To contribute, please read
[deno guidelines.](

[build]: "build"
[version]: "version"
[doc]: "doc"
[tree]: "web app tree"